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Bar POS System

A bar POS system to keep staff efficient while monitoring profits

The Restaurant Manager bar POS system keeps the crowd happy and drinks flowing which drives your bottom line. To improve billing accuracy and keep margins high Restaurant Manager bar software can play a key role with features like quick tab pre-authorizations, easy tab transfers and one touch “next round” ordering. Restaurant Manager’s pos system for bar and nightclub use can deliver the speed customers expect, the features bartenders want and the security you need.

  • Ensure settlement and payment by starting tabs and creating instant pre-auths with the quick swipe of a credit card.

  • Charge the correct price with automatic price scheduling for promotions like happy hour.

  • Speed transaction times by ordering another round with the touch of a single button

  • Reduce loss and theft with our video tracking system to monitor an overlay of the check on a live video image of key bar POS stations.

  • Keep drinks flowing by finding open tabs with filter and find capabilities.

  • Special orders can be easily entered into the system and bartenders can instantly look up drink recipes from the Bartender’s Bible.


Inventory Control
Eliminate theft and waste by bar or club staff while understanding you consumption patterns with a powerful and robust Inventory Control module. You can also choose to use Restaurant Manager’s Stock Counter functionality, part of the bar POS system, which is a simple and straightforward way to track specific menu and bar items without implementing full-blown inventory control. Access real-time reports specifying exact quantities sold to help hold employees accountable.

Management Reporting
Extensive reporting and back office capabilities provide you with the information you need to reduce costs and increase profits at your bar or nightclub. Use the Restaurant Manager bar POS system to get information on voids, staff productivity, which menu items are performing well and a wide variety of other important operational information. You can even automate the end of day (EOD) process and access your reports from anywhere via an internet browser or utilizing our mobility products and services.

Handheld POS Solutions
The Write-On Handheld, optional pay at the table functionality and mobility solutions can enable servers to place orders more quickly and accurately, serve more drinks and provide managers with access to important operational information via cell phone, email or PDA. In a busy environment the handheld is a perfect compliment to the Restaurant Manager bar POS software.

RM Kiosk iPad POS
Allow guests to view your menu, select items, and place their order themselves with the RM Kiosk iPad POS app.

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